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Such a nice practice! I am a new patient here with Dr. Schwartz-Hinds
and his team, and they were all terrific. I really appreciated the
thoroughness of the staff, how the Hygenist (Alicia) was so caring while
doing her work, and the fresh modern feel of the place. It felt very
comforting to go into a dental office where the staff took all the
precautions (New & Old) and took care of me. Thanks so much!! So glad I
made the switch

Richard P

I had 2 back to back appointments at Camberville Dental, and as
someone who is terrified of the dentist I’ve never been more excited for my
appointment! Barbara, Dr Schwartz-Hinds, and all of the reception staff are
so friendly and nice! I’ve been telling all my family how great of an
experience I’ve had and suggest them to switch dentists if they’re not
happy, I’m very glad I did!

Alexandra F.

Dr. Andrew Schwartz-Hinds and his staff is absolutely phenomenal.
Within this quarantine era, they were clear about expectations with regards
to health and safety. Each staff member was personable and willing to
answer any questions. Similarly, Dr. Schwartz-Hinds was knowledgeable and
humored all questions. People say that they're afraid of their dentist. It
is evident that they do not have a spectacular staff such as this serving
them. 10/10; would go again.

Shazif S.

Great staff, great service. Timely and pleasant.

Sam R.

- Comfortable, gentle, thorough, honest, excellent. Highly recommend.

Tessa B